NAVIFY® Tumor Board

Empowering multidisciplinary care teams

A cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard.

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NAVIFY® Tumor Board

Empowering multidisciplinary care teams

A cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard.

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Integrated, standardized data in a secure, comprehensive patient overview can enable quicker treatment decisions.2

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Streamlined and reduced burden for multidisciplinary team meeting preparation across the healthcare network.

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Documented next steps can be sent to the EMR, and recorded decisions can be used for future care and outcomes analysis.

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Easy access to holistic patient data and virtual meetings can increase tumor board participation and quality.

Tumor boards are integral to oncology care decision-making

Many cancer care teams face challenges in preparing and conducting tumor boards.

Without the support of a digital platform, tumor boards can be labor intensive and add additional administrative burden. Navigating among multiple systems, meeting participants can lose time and focus from achieving consensus on patient treatments.

Richard Hammer, MD

From a common challenge to a clear solution

We need all of the information about what is going on with the patient, all of the studies, all of the radiology and all of the lab tests present in one place so that we can make an accurate diagnosis. NAVIFY Tumor Board helps physicians collect all of the data in one place so that we can make an informed decision.

Richard Hammer, MD
Vice-Chair of Pathology, University of Missouri

Standardizing multidisciplinary team procedures

With NAVIFY Tumor Board, teams follow a streamlined process:

  • Introduction of a patient case
  • Input by each specialist using preselected images and reports
  • Treatment discussion including results from NAVIFY Clinical Trial Match and NAVIFY Publication Search apps*
  • Review the latest treatment best practices and record patient pathways through NAVIFY Guidelines app
  • Documentation of the decision in the patient record
  • Send decisions to EMR (integrated solution)

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NAVIFY Tumor Board

Proven time savings in the first large prospective study1

Study method:

  • Preparation time collected across 227 tumor boards
  • 1,866 patient cases recorded

In this large prospective study across multiple tumor board specialties, NAVIFY Tumor Board demonstrated improved workflow efficiency, resulting in a significant and consistent reduction in overall preparation time.


average reduction in overall preparation time across three different tumor boards

Continuous and sustainable benefits with NAVIFY Tumor Board

Study confirmed process standardization1

A 76% variance (standard deviation) reduction in preparation time (p=0.036) was observed in the breast tumor board across 59 meetings.


variance reduction

Improved efficiency at University of Missouri

Case study: Positive economic impact of NAVIFY Tumor Board

University of Missouri (MU) Ellis Fischel Cancer Center is recognized as a leader in cancer care, with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. MU’s multidisciplinary, highly collaborative approach ensures a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Implementing NAVIFY Tumor Board across four tumor boards achieved a reduction in per-case discussion costs of 40-52%.**3

** The results are specific to MU. This is not a guarantee of results.

Value of virtual multidisciplinary tumor boards

Seamless, real-time decision-making

Virtual options support optimization of clinicians’ time from preparation to meeting conduction.

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Apps for NAVIFY Tumor Board

NAVIFY Clinical Decision Support apps are designed to enable more informed treatment decisions and improve patient care through near real-time access to data and evidence. Our evolving ecosystem of apps supports more confident treatment decisions.

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NAVIFY Guidelines

Assists decision-making with access to the most recent National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)

White icon for NAVIFY® Clinical Trial Match app

NAVIFY Clinical Trial Match*

Increases treatment options by identifying clinical trials relevant to individual patients

White icon for NAVIFY® Publication Search app

NAVIFY Publication Search*

Brings the latest medical and scientific literature to the forefront, so oncology teams have the most relevant information available for decision-making


See how NAVIFY Tumor Board streamlines the entire tumor board process

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Explore how NAVIFY Tumor Board supports personalized treatment decisions

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