NAVIFY® Remote Monitor

Putting the power to work, grow and prosper back into the hands of businesses and people

NAVIFY® Remote Monitor

Putting the power to work, grow and prosper back into the hands of businesses and people

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September 2020

Over the last several months, the pandemic guided the large majority of decisions on personal and professional levels. Many organizations and people felt powerless, with no choice but to shut down all activities and quarantine. This state of helplessness lasted for months. But as the spread of the virus slowed down in many parts of the country, society recognized that a new normal way of life during the pandemic needs to be established.

COVID-19 called all the shots

The American Hospital Association estimates total losses for US hospitals and health systems to reach at least $323.1 billion in 2020 due to COVID-19.1 Furthermore, hospitals across the country reported that they are unable to maintain staffing levels or offer adequate support to staff. Hospitals are struggling to maintain staffing due to healthcare workers either contracting or being exposed to the virus,2 contributing to loss of revenue. There are shortages of specialized providers, leaving hospitals unable to meet increasing demands for care.

Educational institutions are also struggling to find their foothold to stay afloat while still providing quality learning for students. There has been significant financial pressure from reduced enrollment and retention rates, summer program cancellations and significant declines in donations, causing some colleges to question if they will go bankrupt.3

Students are also experiencing adverse reactions to the “new normal” of remote learning. One report shares that only 19% of students are very satisfied with their online course experience.4 Another report found that a growing number of students and parents are even demanding refunds from colleges,5 expressing that remote learning does not have the same value as an in-person education. While there may be disagreement between universities and students on next steps for the school year, all are in agreement that this is not the experience or learning condition anyone desired.

Putting power back into the hands of organizations and people

While the pandemic originally stripped institutions and people of power, there are tools that can help empower organizations once again. NAVIFY®️ Remote Monitor allows institutions to take proactive steps to support business continuity through its secure, data-driven decision support solution.

Hospitals, universities and other entities can adopt the technology to help restore confidence in employees, students and staff when entering their facilities. The tool offers the ability to configure surveys to meet specific needs of the institution via a private mobile app. The mobile app automatically and securely links user data to a companion dashboard, which applies logic to user inputs, yielding real-time recommendations based on CDC and local public health guidance, as well as organization policies.

This can allow staff to more confidently enter hospitals. Educational institutions can also tailor the tool for their specific needs to welcome back students, professors and university staff to campus. NAVIFY Remote Monitor can serve as a simplified solution to confirm individuals are cleared to enter educational settings, helping to restore the on-campus learning and interactions.

Powering forward

There is no argument that we must restore the ability to safely return to business, schools and overall society. To do so will require knowledge and confidence, and today’s technology allows us access to these two key ingredients. With the right measures in place, we can be empowered to restore a degree of regularity.

NAVIFY Remote Monitor is only available in the United States and is for use ONLY by individuals over the age of 18.

Roche does not provide any guidance or medical advice. All guidance displayed in the NAVIFY Remote Monitor solution is based on recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or has been created, reviewed and/or approved for use by your employer or your educational institution.

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