NAVIFY® products

A portfolio of workflow products and apps that utilize relevant data to personalize healthcare

A patient’s genomic profile, integrated with real-world and evidence-based data, supports targeted therapy and individualized treatment.

NAVIFY® products

A portfolio of workflow products and apps that utilize relevant data to personalize healthcare

A patient’s genomic profile, integrated with real-world and evidence-based data, supports targeted therapy and individualized treatment.

Aggregating disparate patient data into one holistic view

The road to personalized healthcare begins with the vision of patient-centric decision-making. Required data are obtained not only from patient records, but also from diagnostic testing, global medical and scientific research, clinical trials, and guidelines authored with the input of esteemed physician groups.

Driven by this vision, Roche created an infrastructure and tools to improve efficiency and clinical confidence in treatment decisions and follow-up.

NAVIFY Oncology Hub

NAVIFY Oncology Hub provides clinicians with the right information at the right time, through a holistic view of the patient’s journey.

    • Access data quickly and make care decisions more efficiently
    • Quickly and easily align and collaborate with care teams
    • Facilitate clear, meaningful clinical discussions with patients about their progress and treatment options
    • Spend less time on patient records, and more time with patients

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NAVIFY Tumor Board

NAVIFY Tumor Board standardizes processes across the institution’s various tumor boards to:

  • Accelerate meeting preparation and workflow
  • Display relevant patient data in a secure dashboard
  • Elevate collaboration for personalized treatment decisions

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Apps for NAVIFY Tumor Board

NAVIFY Clinical Decision Support apps are designed to enable more informed treatment decisions and to improve patient care through near real-time access to data and evidence. Our evolving ecosystem of apps supports more confident treatment decisions.

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NAVIFY Guidelines

Assists decision-making with access to the most recent National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)

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NAVIFY Clinical Trial Match*

Increases treatment options by identifying clinical trials relevant to individual patients

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NAVIFY Publication Search*

Brings the latest medical and scientific literature to the forefront, so oncology teams have the most relevant information available for decision-making

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler**

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler is a clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) reporting solution that helps labs and clinicians:

  • Drastically reduce NGS curation time
  • Accurately and efficiently interpret the clinical significance of mutations
  • Increase diagnostic reproducibility
  • Automate a concise, professional report

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Apps for NAVIFY Mutation Profiler

NAVIFY Therapy Matcher app

Understand treatment options supported by local drug approval agencies, clinical studies and medical guidelines.

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NAVIFY Clinical Trial Matcher app*

Filter and identify clinical trial opportunities based on a patient’s genomic alterations.

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NAVIFY Mutation Caller

NAVIFY Mutation Caller is a cloud-based secondary analysis solution with next-generation sequencing variant calling methods to support the Roche KAPA portfolio of Sample Prep Reagents. Now, labs can:

  • Run samples
  • Change parameter settings and re-run samples
  • Filter variants
  • View variant annotations

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NAVIFY Digital Pathology***

As a component of NAVIFY Digital Pathology, Roche uPath enterprise software seamlessly enables communication between pathologists and technicians via usability, innovation and digitization.

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NAVIFY Pass*****

NAVIFY Pass enables point of care providers to deliver test results to test recipients wherever they are. Test recipients receive results on their mobile devices through a HIPAA and GDPR-aligned NAVIFY Platform.

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Keeping sensitive patient data safe

NAVIFY portfolio is a suite of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions designed to keep sensitive patient data safe and accessible to healthcare providers and specialists.

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A physician using NAVIFY® Tumor Board

Driving decision-making

Care teams can access diverse data from a single cloud-based dashboard to help inform their decisions and collaborate with specialists anytime, anywhere.

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