• NAVIFY® Remote Monitor

    Decision Support for COVID-19

    A secure, data-driven decision support solution, NAVIFY Remote Monitor collects self-reported health risk factors from employees or students and displays recommendations based on CDC and institution-set guidelines for employers and administrators to facilitate the return to work or school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    * Product commercially available only in US

Technology Solutions for COVID-19

As healthcare systems, businesses and academic institutions return to full operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, proactive steps are needed to support business continuity. NAVIFY Remote Monitor provides decision support that can be customized to the organization based on department and functional needs.


NAVIFY Remote Monitor provides organizations and institutions the health information and access to the guidance required to take proactive steps in support of business continuity initiatives.

Private and Secure

Use a secure system to protect each individual’s self-reported health data on the HIPAA-compliant NAVIFY Platform.


Inspire confidence and empower the return of staff and students to healthcare systems, businesses and schools.


Link user data to a reporting dashboard and enable operational decision making and continuity planning.


Customize risk-stratification questionnaires based on CDC, local health guidance, and organization-specific policies.

Decision Support: How NAVIFY Remote Monitor Works

NAVIFY Remote Monitor informs, connects and empowers patients to ensure the health decisions they make are the right ones.

Track Remotely

To track COVID-19 and related symptoms, users are asked to self-report health conditions daily by completing a survey — configured specifically for their campus, department or site — via a private mobile application

Monitor Securely

The mobile app automatically and securely links user data to a companion web-based dashboard through secure cloud infrastructure, encrypted in transmission and at rest using security ciphers

Report Intelligently

The dashboard applies logic to user inputs, yielding real-time recommendations based on CDC guidance, as well as local public health guidance and organization policies, as configured by your institution*

Manage Smart

Administrators create and check the status of multiple panels of users in the web dashboard, or front desk personnel can use a simplified “security guard” look-up view to confirm individuals are cleared to enter the office or educational settings

*Roche does not provide any guidance or medical advice. All guidance displayed in the NAVIFY Remote Monitor solution is based on recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or has been created, reviewed, and/or approved for use by your employer or educational institution.

Decision Support for COVID-19

Tour NAVIFY Remote Monitor Dashboard and Mobile App

With access to a powerful decision support system, your community will lead the charge back to work and school as safely as possible. Discover how the decision support system can be used now with a tour of NAVIFY Remote Monitor for desktop and mobile devices.

Inform. Connect. Empower.

NAVIFY Remote Monitor helps organizations and employees make informed decisions about health amid the pandemic, providing an opportunity to connect confidently, privately and securely as they return to work or school. Discover how the decision support system can be used to inform, connect and empower. Explore how the solution is supporting healthcare organizations, businesses and academic institutions as they restore full operations.

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With over 64 million confirmed cases and nearly 1.5 million deaths globally since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has left its permanent mark on countries around the world.

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* NAVIFY Remote Monitor is only available in the United States and is for use ONLY by individuals over the age of 18.